Which lyrics should you get tattooed on your body?

Ashley Duncan

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Everyone knows the best kind of tattoos are lyric tattoos!

First of all, where would you place your new tattoo?

How would you describe yourself in one word?

Are you guilty of clinging to the past?

If you could be any Pokemon which would you choose?

Are you wearing socks right now?

How committed are you to getting a tattoo?

Would you want your tattoo to be colorful?

Which non-permanent "tattooing" method have you tried? (If more than one, choose the one you enjoy most).

You might need some liquid courage to get a tattoo, what do want to drink?

What kind of artwork are you drawn to?

How much thought have you given to what tattoo you will get?

Which of these is the MOST important factor when it comes to deciding on the tattoo parlor you will use?

Have you considered how your tattoo will look when you get older?

What do you want your tattoo to mean?

How large do you want your tattoo to be?

Who will go with you when you get your tattoo?

Do you think people dress how they act?

If someone died, how would you feel?

Are you patient?

Does anybody in your family have a tattoo and would they support your decision to get one?

Do you see a tattoo as something you will have for life?

Would you get a tattoo while you were a teen even if your parents were totally against it?

Would you get a tattoo knowing it was against work policy and would result in your getting fired?

You walk into a tattoo parlor and everything looks clean, but not sanitary, do you stay?

You walk into a highly recommended tattoo parlor and everything looks great, then you hear the price and it is high, do you stay?

Would you ever get a tattoo while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Do you know the laws in your state regarding consent and tattooing of minors?

Which word do you use way too much?

What number do you connect to on a spiritual level?

What would you like a free supply of for the rest of your life?

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