Which "Little House on the Prairie" Character Are You?

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If you lived life on the prairie like the gang from "Little House on the Prairie," which character would you be? Would you be cold like Harriet or would you be full of heart like Mr. Edwards? Find out!

What do you think you would like most about prairie life?

How would your friends describe your sense of humor?

Do you think you could live in a one room cabin?

Which of the Ingalls kids do you behave most like?

What might you try cooking over an open fire?

What part of prairie life would you have disliked most?

Which word do you think best describes Mr. Edwards?

Did you like the clothing style in "Little House on the Prairie?"

Would you have liked going to school in a one room building?

What do you think your job would have been in a prairie town?

Have you ever ridden a horse?

Do you think you would have ventured west on a wagon train?

What is your favorite prairie animal?

What kind of vegetables would you grow if you were a homesteader?

Are you more like Nellie Olson or Laura Ingalls?

How would you prepare for winter night's on the prairie?

What 70s television show did you like best?

Which Michael Landon show do you like most?

Fill in the blank: Harriet Olson is _______________.

Would you prefer to have Mrs. Olson or Mrs. Ingalls as your mom?

Did "Little House on the Prairie" make you cry?

When is the last time you saw an episode of "Little House?"

What word would you use to describe Ma Ingalls?

What dish might you take to a potluck on the prairie?

What farm animal would you raise on the prairie?

What do you find most beautiful about prairie land?

Do you think you would prefer living in Walnut Grove or on the prairie?

What would you give up to be less cluttered?

If you were to go back in time to live on the prairie, what would you miss most about modern life?

What should the Ingalls have named an additional child?

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