Which Latin American Soccer Team Could You Play For?

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Here in America soccer is a very popular sport, and is becoming more popular with every passing year. But it is nowhere near as prevalent here in the states as it is in Latin America, where it is treated with the same enthusiasm as people in the United States regard football, baseball or basketball. In Latin America soccer players are huge deals, and games are played in front of tens of thousands of fans, all of whom are incredibly enthusiastic. 

We think that you have the skills to make it in Latin America as a soccer player. Whether you know it or not, you have all the ability in the world: all it takes is a little commitment and a lot of practice. And after that, you are well on your way to being one of the best footballers the world has ever seen.

But where would you go to start being the soccer all-star you were always meant to be?  Latin America is a massive place, with a lot of different countries that are crazy about soccer, such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, among many others, and all of these countries have a lot of different teams. Take this quiz to find out where you'll play!

How much do you like steak?

Would you mind living in a small country?

Do you enjoy hiking mountains?

Have you ever tried a drink called mate?

Do you enjoy Christmas?

Do you like a good glass of wine?

How many books do you read a month?

Would you say that you like to "play hard"?

Have you ever considered cosmetic surgery?

Do you think Pele is cool?

How shy are you?

What do you think of thong bikinis?

How much do you like to party?

Have you ever kissed a stranger?

Are you afraid of piranhas?

Do you believe in UFOs?

How much bread do you eat?

Have you ever been to a large desert?

Are you a fan of Pablo Neruda?

Do you like fireworks?

Do you worry about earthquakes?

Are you into street food?

How cool are penguins?

Have you ever danced the tango?

Do you think a holiday called Friendship Day is a good idea?

What do you think of Che Guevara?

Are you in favor of same sex marriage?

Have you ever cheated on your significant other?

Are you a fan of Diego Maradona?

Have you ever kissed someone of your gender with a kiss on the cheek as a greeting?

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