Which Late Night Host are You?

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We owe a lot of laughs to late night television. Since the pioneering days of Johnny Carson, hosts have tried to reach his heights. If you were a late night host, which one would you be?

Which prop would you use during a comedy skit?

What would be pictured on your set's background?

What would you like least about being in front of a television camera?

Where in the US would you film your show?

Which television network should air your late night show?

Which situation comedy do you like most?

Who is there when you tell a knock knock joke?

What comedy skit show do you like most?

Which stand-up comedian do you like most?

Which stand up comedienne do you like most?

Which animated character do you find the funniest?

Which musical act would you have on your show?

Which actor would you most like to interview?

Which actress would you most like to interview?

What would be the focus of your opening monologue?

How often do you watch late night shows?

If you had a late night mascot, what would it be?

Which late night host would be your rival?

Which daytime talk show do you like most?

What do you usually watch before a late night show?

What drink would be your late show sponsor?

What TV chef would you interview on your show?

What time of day are you most active?

Who would write your jokes?

Who would you like to interview you?

How much make up would you wear on TV?

How would you dress for your show?

Are you camera shy?

Which song would you use for your theme song?

What type of shoes would you wear on stage?

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