Which "Kingdom Hearts" Guy is Your Soulmate?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: YouTube

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Disney's "Kingdom Hearts" has been developing games for the past 15 years, and they've been growing in popularity with every release. The male characters are particularly intriguing. Which one do you think would be your soulmate?

Which guy are you the biggest fan of?

What makes your hero stand out against all the others?

Which of the female characters do you have a girl crush on?

What would you rather have control over?

Kingdom Hearts likes to add pre-existing characters to the game. Which one would you be?

How badly does your soulmate want to be a keyblade master?

What form would your keyblade take?

Which weapon would he use to fight?

He sees a Heartless coming his way, what does he do?

How brave is your guy?

What do you think about the Organization?

Which villain would be the most formidable for your boo?

Where would you and your soulmate live in the world of Kingdom Hearts?

But which location would you go to on a vacation with your Kingdom Hearts boo?

Which Kingdom Hearts game is the best?

Do you normally follow your heart or your head?

If your soulmate was an element, which one would he be?

What kind of guy are you into?

Which actor would be the embodiment of your perfect man?

What would be his best quality?

The physical stuff aside, your guy should be ...

How did you flirt when you guys first met?

Who made the first move?

The best dates are ...

Where would you want to be swept off to for a romantic European getaway?

What's your biggest turnoff in a guy?

But what's the biggest turn on?

What kind of music is his favorite?

What would be his favorite show?

If your soulmate was a superhero, who would he be?

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