Which Killer Beast Is Your Soul Guardian?

By: Ian Fortey
Image: by Kim Schandorff/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The concept of a spirit or soul guardian is not a unique one. Many cultures throughout human history have believed that humans and animals share a link. According to them, animal souls and our souls walk the same path, and sometimes these animal spirits are able to guide us through life as we make decisions, and even protect us when things seem to be going wrong. It's an interesting concept, and one that is not just some relic of history. Many people still believe they have a spirit guardian. Are you one of them? Have you ever wondered what animal is guiding you along your path? Which animal is your spirit guardian?

The world is full of beasts both big and small. Let's be honest, though, most  of them are not going to make very good soul guardians. Hummingbirds? Bunnies? Three-toed sloths? They're adorable and fun, but not much good at protecting anything in the grand scheme of things. What you need is a beast with teeth. A true killer. A protector. Want to know what's out there guarding your soul? Take the quiz and see!

You have the chance to be one of the first colonists on Mars. Are you in?

Is there any chance you'd fight a stranger to get the last great deal at a Black Friday sale?

What's your favorite part about going to a theater to watch a movie?

Would you ever consider going back to school after being out in the workforce for a few years?

Yikes! You just found out your new house is haunted. Now what?

What kind of climate do you feel like you'd be most comfortable in all year round?

We're ordering pizza. What do you want on it?

Let's say you accidentally dinged another car, but no one saw it happen: What would you do?

Besides Subway, which place makes your favorite sandwiches?

You're driving and your favorite song just came on the radio: Do you sing along?

Not to get too personal or anything, but how often do you take a shower?

Have you ever hidden food so no one else would eat it?

Do you consider yourself an outdoorsy type of person?

Would you have made a better pirate or a ninja?

If a friend calls you at 3 a.m. with an emergency, are you getting up to give them a hand?

Have you ever written a romantic poem for someone?

If you leave the club after last call and see two total strangers get into a fight on the street, are you going to do anything about it?

You have a big, juicy, sirloin steak. How are you going to prepare it?

You're driving down a long, dark highway on a rainy night and you see a lone hitchhiker. Will you stop?

How many different museums do you think you've visited in your life?

We have the option of traveling around by land, sea or air. What's most appealing to you?

Have you ever donated money to any kind of charitable cause?

Are you in good enough shape to head out for a 5-mile run?

If you find $100 just sitting on the sidewalk, what are you going to do with it?

When you're just lazing around the house with some Netflix, what genre is going to draw your attention the most?

What's better: a pool party or a backyard BBQ?

How do you handle talking to people about things that are maybe a little embarrassing?

If aliens came to Earth would you be giving them the benefit of the doubt or assuming the worst?

Would you ever consider packing up everything and moving across the country?

Is there any animal you'd love to have as a pet, even though you know it would be a terrible idea to keep in your home?

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