Which Killer Beast Do You Turn Into When You're Mad?

Kennita Leon

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We all change when we're angry. The question is, how much do we change and what scary creature do we become when our minds are no longer under our control?

What word best describes you?

And what word describes you when you're angry?

How often do you get angry?

How easily are you angered?

How many arguments would you say you've been in for the past month?

How do you react when someone makes you mad?

How many times have you gotten physical when you're upset?

Are you always in control when you're mad?

What's the one thing that does NOT help when you're mad?

Which situation gets you the most upset?

Who do you usually direct your anger towards?

How good are you and handling conflict?

Have you ever been to anger management?

Has someone ever advised you to go to anger management?

What's the most poppycock anger management technique you've ever heard of?

If you were a deadly sin, which would it be?

Has your anger ever affected a romantic relationship of yours?

Have you ever scared a partner because of your anger?

Has your anger ever caused a break up for you?

Do you hold grudges?

Which sport or exercise would help get your anger out the best?

If you had to go on an all-expense paid retreat for your anger, which country would you want to go to?

If your wrath was like a natural disaster, which one would it be?

What do you think the root of your anger is?

Would you say that you're very competitive?

Do you have hobbies that make you happy?

Do you like who you are when you're angry?

Which quote about being angry speaks to you the most?

What's the one thing that can calm you down when you're upset?

Are you always made out to be the villain?

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