Which Kennedy Are You?

By: David Copper

About This Quiz

The Kennedys have had a huge impact on US history. Each family member has made their own individual mark. But which member of this powerful clan do you most resemble? Take the quiz and find out!

What is your favorite decade?

How would you describe the way you dress?

Do you believe in soul mates?

How are you at addressing crowds?

What is your ideal mate?

What kind of dancing do you prefer?

Which fictional character do you most resemble?

How do you feel about poor people?

What is a place you would not like to visit?

What kind of music do you like?

Which word do your friends use to describe you?

Which of these would you never wear publicly?

Who is your least favorite president?

What is your favorite US state?

What do your friends dislike about you?

Which career could you do?

Your favorite food?

What kept you back in school?

Your favorite old TV show?

Your favorite European city?

Your car of choice?

Who are the most important people in your life?

What would you do in the armed forces?

Are you a fighter?

Which of these hairstyles looks best on you?

Who do you respect most?

Which of these things should be legal?

Which job would you like the least?

What kinds of movies do you like?

What does the world need more of?

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