Which Kardashian Fashion Line Is Right for You?

Sameena Mughal

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The Kardashians have made their mark on pop culture. They have successful shows and a social media presence that has taken them to the next level of celebrity. Their empire extends beyond television. They've gone from reality stars to celebrities with a platform who can be taken seriously. They've emerged from mistakes and criticism to become even more popular. They're more successful than they've ever been. They could teach a Harvard course on marketing and branding. Love them or hate them. We want to keep up with them.

For one thing, we can't take our eyes off them. They're so intrinsic to pop culture that even if you don't watch the show, you know their partners and their children. Of course, they're beautiful. They're also independent, strong and forthright. They will say what's on their minds, f-bombs and all. Despite antics, they keep you interested. You're right with them on their glamorous ride. From clothes to make-up to books, they have their hands in everything, and we enjoy every minute of it.  What many people pay the most attention to is their fashion. They know how to make a statement with their style. Of course, they put their fashion sense into their own lines. Have fun as you find out which of their fashion lines is right for you!

Do you cry at movies?

What do you wear on your way to the grocery store?

When people gossip about you, what do they say?

What do you believe when it comes to love?

What do you like to wear to work?

Who is your style icon?

What is your favorite accessory?

What do you always have to have in your bag?

What's your favorite street style look?

What is your signature color?

What is your favorite hairstyle for a party?

Which Oscar after-party do you want an invitation for?

Who's your favorite rapper?

How do you like to wear your shorts?

Who's your favorite Kardashian couple?

What's your favorite Kardashian show?

Which fashion trend are you picking up for 2019? Neon, sequins, fringe or fancy flats?

What's your favorite Kardashian fashion trend?

What's your favorite Kardashian make-up trend?

Favorite Kardashian social media platform: Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter?

What decade you would time travel back to for fashion?

Who's your favorite shoe designer?

If you could shop like a Kardashian, what designer bag would you buy?

Which one of the Kardashian dream vacations would you take?

If you could be an entrepreneur, what would your business be?

What's your favorite Kardashian book?

Which Kardashian business do you want to see brought back?

If you could have your own mobile app, what would it be about?

What is your favorite selfie pose?

The Kardashians will never end, but this quiz is about to. What's your favorite Kardashian Christmas card?

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