Which Jonas Brother Do You Belong With?

Emily Maggrett

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Nick. Joe. Kevin. For over a decade, we've been gaga for the Jonas boys, who burst onto the national stage in 2007 and never really left. Sure, the Jonas Brothers broke up and yes, Nick's solo work hasn't been successful and of course, both Kevin and Nick are married (and Joe is engaged). But for some of us, these three brothers will always be a band, as well as our potential new boyfriends. Twelve years later, the essential question we used to ask at sleepovers remains: which Jonas Brother should you be with?

This quiz has but one ambitious goal: to tell you the answer to that question! Because as much fun as dating all three Jonas men might be, you're going to have to settle for one. In order to determine your ideal Jonas mate, we're going to ask you about everything from your favorite Jonas Brothers lyric to which Jonas you'd pick as your teammate if you were competing on "The Amazing Race." Along the way, we'll also delve into your romantic history, favorite Disney Channel original movies, opinions on boyish stubble and more. 

Are you ready to find out which Jonas brother is your ultimate destiny? It's time to stop watching "Camp Rock 2" and take this quiz!

First things first: who's the cutest Jonas?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how thirsty are you for attention?

Your car has broken down in the middle of the desert. Which Jonas brother do you call?

In your opinion, what makes the Jonas Brothers so appealing to the masses?

Stubble on a baby face: hot or not?

Do you believe in waiting until marriage?

Of all the Jonas Brothers scandals, which one offends you the most?

Are the Jonas Brothers "good at music"?

In a tug of war between the Sprouse twins and the Jonas Brothers, who would win?

Which Jonas ex-girlfriend do you identify with the hardest?

You're on a date with a super cutie. Which Jonas Brothers jam will you put on the stereo?

Which Jonas is the most talented actor?

You could go to a water park with Kevin, to the gym with Nick or to the Apple Store with Joe. Which date do you choose?

When you think about your ex-boyfriends, what's the one trait they all have in common?

If you were married to a Jonas, would you be brave enough to turn your marriage into a TV show?

Nick Jones & The Administration: cool band name or nah?

To draw you in, a guy has to ... ?

If you could live inside the world of any Disney Channel original movie or series for one week, which one would you choose?

Imagine you're dating a Jonas. Is there anything he could do to embarrass you?

In your opinion, what's the most attractive physical feature a guy can have?

Joe's eyebrows: on fleek or ugh?

The Jonas brothers are all in serious relationships. Do you think these relationships will stand the test of time?

Are you a boy-chaser, or do boys chase YOU?

"The Amazing Race" calls: they want you to compete! The only hitch is, you have to pick a Jonas as your teammate. Which Jonas will you go with?

Who do you blame for the Jonas Brothers breaking up?

Which of these Jonas Brothers lyrics speaks to your heart?

In relationships, what's your love language? How do you show your partners that you care?

Of all these incredible pop songstresses, which one would you like to duet with most?

At the end of the day, the thing you want most in a boyfriend is ... ?

If you could make out with any "Game of Thrones" character, who would you pick?

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