Which Jane Austen Hero Is Your Soulmate?

Jody Mabry

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While Jane Austen was well aware of the problems associated with unequivocal love and passion ("Beware of fainting fits, beware of swoons."), she also created some of the greatest leading men and heroes put to paper. So, which of these dashing Jane Austen heroes is your soulmate? Take this quiz and find out.

What kind of face turns you on the most?

What is the most desirable trait in a man?

Which of these personality traits in a man do you prefer?

Does it matter if a man has money?

Relative to you, how tall should a man be?

Which of these charming actions will win you over quickly?

You are dancing with your man when another comes in to take you away. What does your Prince Charming do?

When is the best time of the day for a kiss?

Which type of romance would you go for?

Your love has left for years and comes back. Do you open your heart to him?

Should a man be hardworking?

What is your mode of old-fashioned travel?

It is your birthday. How does your lover spend it with you?

How does your man defend your honor when challenged?

You and your soulmate have an argument where you are clearly in the wrong. How does your soulmate respond?

Which is your favorite Jane Austen book?

Which animal most resembles your soulmate?

Which of these men are you most likely to fall in love with?

What is the best way for your soulmate to make you comfortable?

What is the relationship between you and your soulmate?

Which TV sitcom couple best represents you and your soulmate?

What is something you would expect your soulmate to ditch you for?

Your soulmate is probably the smartest guy in the room, how does he show it?

Which of these Jane Austen quotes describes your current relationship status?

Which country is next on your bucket list?

You slip on ice, how does your soulmate respond?

Which of these Jane Austen book-into-movie remakes is your favorite?

While courting, how often should you see each other?

Which of these qualities is most important in a relationship?

How do you and your soulmate show PDA?

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