Which James Bond Actor Should You Date?

Jody Mabry

Image: The Movie DB

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James Bond is the most iconic special agent the world. He is known for his charm, grace, and ingenuity. He's also been a leading sex symbol for over half a century. Which James Bond actor should you date? Take this quiz to find out.

What do you love most about James Bond?

What is your favorite James Bond characteristic trait?

How would James Bond approach you?

How do you respond to someone smiling at you during a party?

Which date gift would you like to receive?

How do you like to be comforted during a scary movie?

Where would you enjoy a dinner date?

Which of these is your favorite type of vehicle?

Do you enjoy dancing?

Do movies make for a good date?

What communication style should your date have?

What do you do if your date won't talk about his past?

Which type of man are you attracted to?

Which of these is the sexiest job?

How can a man make you swoon?

What is the sexiest thing about a man?

How would your date respond if you fall asleep at their place?

What do you drink on a date?

Where is a choice date spot?

Are you a gambler?

What can a man do to turn you off?

Gun fire erupts while on a date, how will your date respond?

You are running from a villain while wearing heels. What do you do?

You've been grabbed by an abductor on the way to the bathroom. How do you get your date's attention?

What do you do when another woman hits on your date?

Which is your favorite James Bond movie?

How many James Bond films have you seen?

Do you prefer a traditional or modern man?

What would be a great way to be picked up for a date?

What time would your date end?

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