Which "House M.D." Character are You?

By: Bri O.

About This Quiz

"House M.D." was a TV medical drama that followed the suspenseful and mysterious cases of Dr. House and his team. Where everyone else fails, this elite team of doctors prevails. Which character are you most like? Take the quiz to find out!

What word would you use describe yourself?

If you were a doctor, what would your opinion on medical ethics be?

Do you follow the rules?

Are you a leader or a follower?

How do you handle conflict?

You're out of options and out of time, do you surrender?

Do you take care of yourself?

How do you take the edge off?

Do you have many friends?

Which of these outlooks would closest resemble your own?

What is your ideal vacation?

Would you say you're a loyal person?

If you were looking for a new job, what type of job would it be?

How would your friends describe you?

What's your sense of humor like?

Do you use your vacation days?

How are your social skills?

Were you a good student?

Are you easy to work with?

Do you have any love interests?

How would your work colleagues describe you?

What's more important?

Who's your favorite character?

Are there universal rights and wrongs?

You suddenly fall ill with a life-threatening condition, how do you respond?

How big is your ego?

Out of the items below, what's the most annoying?

What word would you use to describe your outlook on life?

Your boss makes you stay late on Friday night, what do you do?

Do you like kids?

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