Which Horse Breed Guards Your Soul?

Zoe Samuel

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Horses have been one of humanity's greatest allies and friends since the dawn of civilization. We have used horses for all sorts of things, from making war on each other to transforming the size of the field that we can plow in a single day to radically improving how far and how quickly we can travel. Horses helped us guard and shepherd our flocks and herds, and helped us haul everything from stone to coal to barges. We've since moved on to using horses primarily for pleasure, as they work with us to ride, to race, and to drive carriages for pleasure.

Of course, different types of horses have become specialized to help in all of these endeavors, and even though some of them are now obsolete from a functional point of view, they very often still have some sort of modern, more recreational purpose that is similar to their previous role. That's why we still have mustangs, quarter horses, thoroughbreds, Welsh ponies, and Clydesdales. They all have different temperaments and strengths. Some are flexible and fast; others are stocky and very strong. Some are more feisty and high-maintenance while others are solid and sensible. Which one of these you feel the most connected to is the one you might have used in another time as your primary colleague, friend, and companion. Let's find them!

How flashy are you?

What percentage of people do you like?

How highly strung are you?

Do people rely on you?

How important are creature comforts?

What's your build like?

Do you ever push others around?

What can you bench?

How injury-prone are you?

What sport do you do?

What pet would you keep?

What sort of house would be your dream home?

How much do you like to travel?

Does slow and steady win the race?

How much time do you spend on social media?

What sort of image is the most frequently represented in your Instagram feed?

How's your work ethic?

Can you put up with almost anything?

How do you like to dress?

What would it cost to hire you for a day?

What mistaken assumption do people make when they look at you?

What's your very favorite carbohydrate to eat?

What weather suits you the best?

What evening out is your idea of hell?

What prize do you dream of winning?

What charity do you support?

Do you save a portion of your paycheck every month?

How easily do you bounce back from a crisis?

What's your preferred way to get the news?

If you heard that someone disliked you, how much would it bother you?

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