Which Horror Movie Should You Watch Next?

Jody Mabry

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Nearly as long as films have been made, there has been a place for horror. While horror movie fans will debate which decade has produced the best horror movies, there is no doubt the genre has grown from a handful of categories to dozens giving fans more terror to percolate through their nightmares than ever dreamed. Want to know which horror movie to watch next? Take this quiz and find out.

Which is your favorite horror movie category?

Which is your favorite movie genre?

How do you like to be scared?

Who should be the first to die in a movie?

Who do you watch horror movies with?

Why do you enjoy horror movies?

Do you like to prank people?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Do you believe in demons?

Which of these supernatural entities would scare you the most?

Which of these real life horrors would scare you the most?

Which do you think is the best horror movie based off a book?

Which of these directors do you like the best?

Where is the scariest location for a horror movie to take place?

What is the scariest type of character?

How scary of a movie do you like to watch?

Are you a fan of classic or modern movies?

Should horror movies have a lot of blood and guts?

How do you feel about movies with inanimate objects coming to life?

Where is the best place to watch a scary movie?

Have you ever played a scary prank on someone?

What kind of pranks do you like to play?

What was the first type of horror movie you watched?

What kind of books do you like to read?

Which is your favorite cult horror classic?

What do you appreciate most in a horror movie?

What is your favorite type of killer in a horror movie?

What is the closest to your outlook on life?

Who would you be in a horror movie?

Is there a type of horror movie you won't watch?

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