Which Home Improvement Show Should You Watch?

By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If you are looking for ideas or inspiration for your next project, look no further. Today's home improvement shows are just what you need. Which one should you watch?

Who would help you with a home improvement project?

Which tool do you use most often?

Which design theme do you like most?

What room in your home needs the most updating?

What feature is a must have for you in a home?

What would you do with an extra room?

What color are you most likely to paint your kitchen?

Which room of your home do you spend the most time in?

What would you turn an unfinished basement into?

What is the next piece of furniture you will purchase?

Where do you most often buy furniture?

Where would you build a dream home?

What would you plant in extra garden space?

Which celebrity's home would you most like to visit?

What home improvement scares you the most?

What feature would you like to have in your bathroom?

What style of home do you like the most?

How many bathrooms would your dream home have?

Which HGTV host do you like most?

What color sofa would you like to have?

What kitchen appliance would you most like to update?

What kind of flowers would you plant in your garden?

What character would you use to decorate a child's room?

How handy are you?

What kind of flooring do you like most?

What are you most likely to have on your porch?

What kind of living room chair do you like most?

Which wall covering do you like most?

How would you dress up a boring window?

What household task do you like the least?

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