Which Historical English Town Should You Live In?

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The history of England is long and fascinating. Its oldest settlements date back many thousands of years to the neolithic age when the indigenous people of Britain built monuments like Stonehenge and Woodhenge. Most modern people think of English history starting in 1066 AD, with the Norman conquest of England, and that isn't by accident. Norman historians wanted to put their cultural stamp on England, since they, a Franco-Nordic group from across the English Channel, weren't English, so they invented a new way of looking at British history. Before 1066 AD was dubbed "Time Immemorial" and considered an ancient past when nothing particularly important happened. The truth is far more fascinating. In addition to the Anglo-Saxon settlements in England, pre-Norman England had huge settlements of Danes, and before the Anglo-Saxons there were the Romans who established several of the major cities we think of today when we imagine England.

The post-conquest England we know was subject to wars with neighbors Wales, Scotland and Ireland. It had a bloody civil war resulting in the dominance of the Tudor Dynasty, which gave England Queen Elizabeth, the British Navy, and the beginning of the colonization of the New World. It also suffered plagues and produced the spark of the Industrial Revolution. With all of this history underfoot, which historical English town should you call home? Take this quiz and find out!

How important is it that you fit in with "regular people"?

Where would you prefer to go on a solitary stroll?

Which English film or TV show describes the way you like to imagine England?

What kind of visitors would you rather come to your town?

What day out would you consider a treat?

What would you hope your children would take away from their connection to local history?

Which English musical act do you like the best?

What do you do to chill out?

What's your idea of a fun, group activity you can do outside, that isn't a sport?

How often would you plan to get out of your town?

Which famous English legend appeals to your sense of the place?

How important is it you be far from major cities?

Which of these historical English doers do you like best?

What weather phenomena do you mind the least?

Which English comedy act appeals to your sense of humor?

Which historical antagonists of England interest you most?

What sort of job environment would you prefer?

Which period of English history fascinates you most?

How mainstream are your spiritual views?

What kind of evening entertainment would you most enjoy?

Which of these books about or set in England did you like best?

How would you prefer to get to work every day?

Which of these smells is your cup of tea?

Which style of dress would you be happy to live with, day to day?

Where would you like to go on a day trip?

Which period of English architecture do you like best?

What kind of solo entertainer would you most want to see perform?

How do you feel about the morality of past generations?

What's your philosophy about the past's connection to the present?

Which of these maladies do you find least unpleasant to contemplate on a regular basis?

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