Which Historical Conqueror Are You?

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About This Quiz

It's one thing to be really good at strategy in a board game like "Risk" or a video game like "Civilization," but it's a completely different thing to lead a massive military into battle in the real world. The commanders who await you at the end of this quiz are truly the greatest of all time. 

Many of them went undefeated in their career, and all of them made their unique mark on the history of the world. The largest territories to ever be occupied by single nations are generally due to the mastery of these masters of the battlefield.

Some of these great conquerors were vicious and ruthless warriors whose reputation spread far and wide for the brutal way in which they dealt with their enemies. Others were expert tacticians who studied the great military leaders of the past and put that knowledge to very good use in out-maneuvering the other side.

Each one had a style that was distinct, a pattern of behavior and a personality that set them apart from the rest. Let's prepare for battle. Will you be observing the battle from a nearby hill, or will you be joining your men on the front lines of the war? That decision will tell us a lot about which commander you most resemble.

If you were a military commander, would you study the techniques of the greats in history?

Which description best matches your body type?

Which place would you rather visit?

Are you going to fight in battle yourself?

Would you say that you're skilled at bringing people together?

Which best describes your upbringing?

Would you say that you tend to inspire and give confidence to those around you?

How successful have you been in your life?

Do you think some people might be jealous of your success?

Are there those out there who want to sabotage you?

Would you be a good politician?

Of the following, which month do you like the least?

Would you generally consider yourself to be the underdog or the favorite?

Would you say that you have a temper?

Are you an impulsive person?

Do you read a lot?

How often do you drink alcohol?

Would you consider yourself to be skilled at business?

How strong are your communication skills?

How much territory do you hope to conquer?

How lucky are you?

Which food would you rather eat?

Which enemy would you least want to fight?

Are you good at strategy games?

Do you ever suffer from delusions of grandeur?

How big of a family do you come from?

Do you appreciate fine art?

How much drama is there in your life?

Which musical instrument best fits the vibe of your military marching into battle?

Which part of your military will be the strongest?

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