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Humans have been looking up to great leaders for thousands of years. The way we view many of history's greatest empires and civilizations is based on how we look at their leaders. In Central America, authority figures in Aztec and Mayan civilizations were considered to be either sent from the gods or actual gods who wanted to lead people to prosperity.

In later years, historical rulers continued developing the concept of divine right. King James VI and I, who ruled as king of Scotland, Ireland and England during his lifetime, is credited for formalizing the idea and using it to ensure royal subjects would stay in line.

But not every ruler from history has been so focused on simply maintaining power. Even some of the last monarchs in history, who reigned at a time when the concept of a king or emperor was quickly going out of style, were able to make positive contributions. Consider the rule of Victoria, whose 63 years as Queen of England represented a longer reign than any of her predecessors. It was also a time when England flourished, and historians ended up naming the era in her honor (the Victorian Age).

Are you more of a wise philosopher or a bloodthirsty conqueror? Talk to us about your style as a leader, and we'll tell you which of history's famous rulers you've got the most in common with. 

Which of these countries is most beautiful to you?

Which would be your priority as a ruler – a strong army or an educated population?

How frequently would you launch campaigns to conquer other kingdoms?

Is it important for you to have a strong fleet of ships?

Rulers are known for elaborate outfits. Which of these royal garbs would you most want to wear?

Most rulers have a close circle that helps them make decisions. How many people would you want advising you?

Which of these methods would you most like to use to get around?

Many rulers got famous for well-known building projects. Which of these would you most want to construct as a ruler?

What would be your policy on taxes in your kingdom/empire?

What kind of music would you want to be played in your kingdom?

Many famous rulers have family members attempting to influence them. How much would you let your family sway your decisions?

As the old saying goes, "It's good to be king." Which of the perks of being a ruler would you enjoy most?

Kings and queens of history have had some interesting passions. As a ruler, what would be your hobby?

Most people in power have to deal with disagreements from time to time. How would you handle being questioned as a ruler?

When it came time for war, would you be on the battlefield with your army or leading from afar?

What type of crown would you wear to ensure people knew you were their ruler?

Most monarchs kept some form of diary or journal. What would you write in yours?

On the eve of an important battle, how would you motivate your troops?

Many rulers have elaborate places from which to bestow orders. What kind of throne would you want?

Historic rulers often become known for their choice of mate. How would you choose a spouse?

How would you select a capital city for your kingdom?

Some rulers want children, others want to keep the throne all for themselves. What's your attitude on having kids to succeed you?

Which achievement as a ruler is most impressive to you?

Rulers in history sometimes punished serious criminals with death. What would be grounds for execution under your reign?

Queen Victoria of England survived eight different assassination attempts. How worried about assassination would you be as a ruler?

Some rulers are in power for weeks, others for decades. How long would you want to be on the throne?

Kings and queens make for great biographical subjects. How would you want to be portrayed in a movie about your life?

"The crown jewels" is a common term for prized royal possessions, even if they aren't actual jewels. Which royal possession would be your most important?

Would you support any religious authority in your country?

Every ruler needs great advice from time to time. Who would be your closest advisors?

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