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When most people think of "kings" today, characters from a popular HBO show might be the first thing that comes to mind. What not everyone realizes is that once upon a time, the characteristics of real-world kings decided the fate of millions of people. Early emperors of classical civilizations like the Mayans and Aztecs were ruthless warrior-kings who were considered deities and took part in the sacrifices of humans and animals.

It could be argued that ancient Rome set the standard for legendary kings, although they were known as emperors after 27 BC. Men like Julius Caesar and Augustus oversaw great periods of success that involved the expansion and strengthening of Rome through military might and political skill. After Rome's fall, the collective reputation of kings was somewhat sullied by rulers of the Middle Ages like Henry VI, who suffered a series of mental breakdowns that left him unresponsive for months on end, or George III, who was described as "the mad king who lost America."

If you've ever been curious about which historic ruler's personality best aligns with yours, answer these questions and we will match you with a famous king. This way, your majesty: the throne awaits!  

As a king, how often would you want to invade other kingdoms?

What would be your favorite privilege as king?

If you were king, would you take advantage of the romantic benefits?

Kings throughout history have had many interesting rides. How would you most prefer to get around?

How would you handle someone in your court disobeying you?

Being a king also means being a diplomat. How would you negotiate with other kingdoms?

What would be the most important element of your kingdom?

What would you want to be your legacy as king after you die?

Would you want to have children to take the throne once you are gone?

Kings have access to some of the best teachers around. What kind of private mentor would you want?

Which of these countries would you most want to live in?

All kings have their weaknesses. What would you describe as your biggest character flaw?

Let's say there was a rebellion in your kingdom. How would you handle it?

Some kings are also skilled war tacticians. How confident are you in your military abilities as king?

Not all kings appreciated the arts. How much would you support things like painting and literature in your kingdom?

How would you handle it if the people you conquered didn't want to submit to your rule?

Which of these famous historical empires is your favorite?

Kings got to attend some great banquets and feasts. What would be your attitude about parties?

What kind of weapon would soldiers in your army use?

Every king has their group of advisors. How closely would you listen to your royal court?

Let's say you needed to convince your subjects of a new policy. How would you go about doing so?

Do you think it is OK for kings to use violence to enforce their rule?

As a king, what would be your attitude towards trade with other kingdoms?

Many kings had to figure out a way to coexist with the church in their kingdom. How would you handle religious authority?

How important is philosophy to you as a king?

Many leaders throughout history have written about their experiences. Would you write a book about being king?

How important would it be for people to know that you are king?

Many monarchs inherit the throne. How much of an impact would your parents have on your ruling style?

A lot of kings come to power when they are just children. Would you want to be a child king?

What would you want to be named after you as king?

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