Which "Hell's Kitchen" Superhero are you?

Bri O.

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"Hell's Kitchen" is chock full of Marvel's flawed super heroes, like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil. Which one are you most like? Play on to find out!

Who's your favorite Hell's Kitchen Superhero?

Have you ever trained in a dojo?

Do you have thick skin?

Have you ever been stuck in a toxic relationship?

How do you feel about vigilanteism?

Are people often surprised by your strength?

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Who is most attractive?

Pick a day job:

Do you have any formal hand-to-hand combat training?

Pick a cause:

Do you have trust issues?

How do you de-stress after a long day?

Do you like helping people?

How would you describe yourself in terms of patience?

Do you think it would be important to keep your identity and powers hidden from the world?

What's your support network like?

Strangers would describe you as:

Would you want to wear a costume/special suit?

What's your mood usually like?

Do you like to be alone?

Are you open about yourself with those close to you?

Which is cooler:

How would you use your super powers?

How do you deal with your emotions?

Are you okay with getting your hands dirty?

What's your greatest weakness?

Do you know how to take care of yourself?

Would you try to find a way to make money off of your powers?

Are you easy to get along with?

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