Which Hairstyle Reflects Your Inner Greek Goddess?

Talin Vartanian

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About This Quiz

Greek goddesses may sound like a myth, but we believe that everyone has one that guides them through life. Some of these goddesses represent the fierce waves of the ocean, while others represent moral justice and warfare. So no matter what type of Greek goddess you resemble, she's going to need a unique kind of hairstyle!

Here's an example: Themis is considered to be the goddess of order and justice. If you were responsible for such powerful aspects of the world, you would probably need a hairstyle that wouldn't get in the way of your decision-making skills. Hairstyles like a high ponytail or a low bun will do the trick in this case. But what about a Greek goddess that represents the darkness of the night skies ... someone like Nyx? She would probably wear her hair down with some loose waves, because it may make her look more mysterious to other people.

So, in short, if your inner Greek goddess is more carefree and easygoing, then you'll probably want a low-maintenance type of hairstyle. But if she has a fierce and tough personality, then a bold and elegant hairstyle might do the trick. Tell us more about who you really are with this ancient beauty quiz!

Which of the following elements do you connect with the most?

How often do you meditate?

What is your most attractive feature?

How do you tend to express yourself?

What kind of beauty are you?

How would you describe your inner Greek goddess?

Your sense of style can be described as ...

Which of these animals is similar to your personality?

Are you more of an indoor or an outdoor person?

What part of the sky do you connect with the most?

Which of these flowers would you like to paint on your nails?

How confident are you with your inner beauty?

Which of these female celebrities is like a Greek goddess to you?

What pretty gemstones would you pick for an elegant tiara?

Your personality can be matched to which of these scents?

Would you describe yourself as a romantic person?

Do you prefer long or short hair on you?

What kind of goddess-like superpower would you want to have?

How much do you care about skincare products?

On a scale of 1 to 5, how emotionally intelligent are you?

Are you more low-maintenance or high-maintenance?

Which of these traits do you look for in other people?

What does your inner goddess really need to be happy?

If you were a real Greek goddess, where would you want to live?

Do you prefer natural or colorful makeup looks?

Does your inner goddess connect with the past or the future more?

What type of jewelry would be your Greek goddess' signature look?

A Greek goddess deserves which of these spa treatments?

Do you feel connected to Mother Nature?

Is your outlook on life more optimistic or pessimistic?

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