Which Gunsmoke Character Are You?

By: Steven Miller
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As a television show, "Gunsmoke" ran for 20 years, but you may not have known that it was a radio show before and during some of that same time. Many have said that the show stood out from the others in the way that it remained more subtle and more faithful to the pace and energy of life out on the prairie. Excellent sound effects and a strong cast of characters brought the drama to life and made the listener and watcher feel like they were there.

Are you the heroic Marshal Matt Dillion who is honest, reliable, and willing to do whatever it takes to bring civility and safety to the Wild West? Maybe you relate more to Dr. Galen Adams, who has seen more than his fair share of carnage and suffering in this life. On the other hand, perhaps you relate more to Miss Kitty, who runs the town's saloon. In her, you'll find someone with feelings of love for the hero but struggles with society's judgment of her profession and the reality of the hero's dangerous work. And yet, if you find yourself preferring to enjoy life and keep things simple, Festus Haggen should fit you just about perfectly.

Are you ready to find out which iconic "Gunsmoke" character you are? Let's ride.

Which role in the Wild West would fit you the best?

Would you consider yourself to be a reliable person?

How accurate are your gut instincts?

Would you say that you're kind of jaded by life?

Which word best describes your sense of humor?

If someone asked you to use a lasso, what would likely be the outcome?

Which phrase best describes your love life?

What pace do you prefer to move at in life?

What would you say people's first impression of you is?

Have you ever been on a horse?

How rare is it for you to tell a lie?

How much are you exposed to the darker side of humanity?

Are you more likely to be the one making coffee or the one drinking coffee others have made?

How big of a vocabulary do you have?

How good are your sharpshooting skills?

How willing would you be to sacrifice yourself to protect others?

How would you say most people view your role in society?

How are you around blood and guts?

Just how laid back are you?

How appealing does the life of a cowboy or cowgirl, out there riding the range, sound to you?

What are you more likely to be doing on a Friday night?

How much traveling do you do?

What's your highest level of education?

How often do you find yourself in the middle of arguments?

Would you prefer to live in town or outside of it?

How long have you lived in your current residence?

What part of the day are you usually at your best?

How often can you be found down at the saloon?

Would you say that you're a good role model for young people?

How many episodes of "Gunsmoke" would you say that you've seen?

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