Which "Greek" Character Are You?

Kennita Leon

Image: ABC Family

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"Greek" was a show following the lives and antics of a few college students who attended the Cyprus-Rhodes University. Although the show is now over, we just can't seem to let go of the characters. So which one are you?

Who's your favorite Zeta?

But which Kappa would you date?

Which fraternity/sorority is your favorite?

Which of these would you have majored in?

How would you get a freshman to join your house?

As a freshman, why would you want to rush?

How often do/did you study?

What were your grades like in college?

Why would you go to Dobler's?

Which of these drinks would you order every time you went to Dobler's?

What do you usually do at parties?

But how do you really feel about college parties?

Which of these foods would you always make sure was in the frat/sorority house?

What kind of food would be your college go-to?

What do you plan on doing after leaving college?

Which of these high school clubs were you in?

Did you date a lot in college?

What kind of person did you go for in college?

Were you ever dumped in college?

Imaginary or not, how did you handle your worst college break up?

Who pushed you to go to college?

Which of these symbols means the most to you?

How do you feel about rules?

Which Spice Girl is your favorite?

Which of these jobs would you love to get into?

In a group, you tend to be the...

Saturdays are reserved for ....

How much does your reputation matter to you?

Which of these would you do to achieve your goals?

Lastly, what did/does college mean to you?

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