Which Goddess Should Inspire Your Next Hairstyle?

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When looking for a change in life, the one thing many people turn to is their hair. Changing your hair won't exactly change your life, but it can change your look, and that could change your whole outlook on life. Goddesses of all kinds, whether from Greek, Roman or Norse mythology, are usually known to be as beautiful as the day is long and have features that anyone would dream of. That's how some goddesses managed to get extremely powerful gods to fall in love with them, and followers to fall at their feet.

But how to choose one to inspire you? The possibilities could be endless, as each mythology has its realm of goddesses. Maybe start by finding one that has similar features to you. If you have a round face, look for a goddess who also has a round face. Small forehead? Long neck? You get the picture. If you decide to get your hair professionally done, make sure to take a photo of you chosen goddess along with you, but if you decide to take on the task yourself, keep a photo handy so you have a reference guide. Maybe it'll inspire you in other ways too! Take this quiz to find out which goddess should inspire your next hairstyle.

What is your everyday hairstyle?

When you think about your ideal hairstyle, how long does it take to do?

What do you want your hair to say about you?

Do you use product in your hair?

How often do you get compliments on your hair?

When you think about the maintenance of your current look, what takes the longest?

Are you ready to make a change in your life?

What is it about changing your hair that is appealing?

Are you the sun, the stars, the moon or the sky?

How do you know you can trust a stylist?

Would you be okay if your new hairstyle didn't turn out as you hoped?

Do you care if almost everyone thinks the style you've chosen is a bad idea?

Do you think age comes into play when choosing a hairstyle?

Are you changing your hair for anyone other than yourself?

How was your hair styled as a kid?

Not everyone has the money to change their hair professionally. What is your budget for your new hairstyle?

Do you like to keep the color of your hair natural?

Would you say your hair is healthy?

Sitting in front of the mirror, what feature stands out the most?

Who is your current style obsession?

What is your favorite part of your personality?

If you were tasked with re-decorating your home, what room would you take on first?

How often do you treat yourself?

Do you have a preferred method of killing time?

Would others say you are fashionable?

How important is a hairstyle to looking and feeling put together?

If you had to choose one person in your life to do your hair, who would it be?

Hair accessories can really make your hair look good, even when it's not perfect. What is your favorite hair accessory?

When you think of your wedding day, what does your hair look like?

What is your most goddess like quality?

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