Which Genius Are You?

Tasha Moore

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About This Quiz

You've decided to take this quiz probably because you already know just how exceptionally gifted you are. Let us help you determine the historical genius you are most like. Your test results should inspire you to be more confident about your ability to conjure up groundbreaking ideas that you tend to keep to yourself. Why not pattern your smarty-pants path after some of the intellectual greats who came before you?

Whether they manifest in fields such as visual arts, sports or literature, all geniuses share one trait in common. If you're a true genius, you know that many of your ideas are ahead of their time. Are people just now spewing theories that, years ago, you predicted would arise? If the answer is yes, then you're a true genius. 

After you've confirmed your brilliant status, know that your awesome smarts require cultivation. All prominent geniuses in history were fortunate enough to have the structure necessary to flush out their ideas. And very many of them also were guided by mentors. In order to take your thought products to the next level, you need to secure those two things. Doing so might mean going the unconventional route, just like Nikola Tesla did. Tesla emigrated to the United States with a head full of ideas and sacrificed the time necessary to cultivate and then patent those ideas.

Before you put the pedal to your own genius metal, discover your brand of smarts with this challenge!

In which grade school subject did you excel?

What type of philosopher are you?

Where did you receive your training?

Identify the food that nourishes your brilliance.

Were you always a success?

What type of boss can handle a smarty-pants like you?

Describe the temperament of a genius.

Who is your muse?

What is the smartest pet that you've owned?

In which type of space do you showcase your genius?

Suggest the ideal music to listen to while "geniusing."

Did you always know that you were exceptionally intelligent?

When expressing yourself with words, what punctuation do you use the most?

Have you ever had to take on multiple jobs just to make ends meet?

Which body part do you use the most to express yourself?

Care to mention a few kind words for your mentor?

If your kind of genius was a continent, which one would it be?

Has passionate love ever helped or hurt your gift?

Which war has influenced your unique skill set?

Do you consider your genius to be ahead of its time?

Does your genius come from within or without?

Has religion influenced your development?

Is there a comprehensive body of your life's work?

Genius runs in your family, right?

Did your family upbringing contribute to your greatness?

Describe one of your projects in one word.

Have you influenced future generations to continue your life's work?

Name something with your name on it.

Say "Hello."

Should we expect a sequel?

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