Which "Game of Thrones" Quote Describes You?

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"Game of Thrones" has literally hundreds of quotable, hard-hitting lines. Which of these notable GoT lines best captures who you truly are? Play on to find out!

Which character do you relate to more?

How would you describe the world?

Pick a favorite Great House:

Others would describe you as:

Pick a favorite "Game Of Thrones" season:

Do you enjoy reading?

Which do you prefer when it comes to school/work projects:

Can you deal with chaos?

How old are you?

How trusting are you?

Who do you go to when you need advice?

When you witness oppression, how do you respond?

Do you put up with other people's nonsense?

If you were the ruling member of a Great House, would you want to play the Game of Thrones?

Are you close with your family?

What's your weapon of choice?

To what age do you plan to live?

Which is more important to you:

Where others see a destitute neighborhood, you see:

What role would you fill in a startup company?

You're more of a:

You'd describe yourself as:

Who poses the greatest threat?

Whose leadership skills do you most admire?

Which major character would you choose as an ally?

How do you feel about war in the context of Game of Thrones?

How often do you accept unsolicited advice?

Is anarchy ever a good thing?

Who is your least favorite character?

How do you respond when you're told you can't do something?

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