Which Game of Thrones Tattoo Should You Get?

By: Ian Fortey
Image: Tatuaria Old Art By Youtube

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"Game of Thrones" showed up back in 2011 and pretty much changed our idea of how TV should ever work. This show was like nothing we'd seen on the small screen before. Episodes had multi-million dollar budgets, and the storyline has spanned across years. The characters were gritty and real; some were sympathetic, some heroic and some were as slimy as the slimiest snake you could ever imagine. The books by George R.R.Martin have inspired one of the greatest stories on TV with some of the most amazing performances as well. It pretty much has something for everyone.

Even though we all knew the show would have to come to an end at some point, it doesn't make it any easier to let go of a story that you've felt a part of for years of your life. Fortunately, there's a way to make that show a part of your life permanently - a tattoo! What better way to show your appreciation for one of the greatest pieces of fiction in history, not to mention some of the greatest performances on any show ever? But with all the potential tattoo ideas out there, you're going to need some help picking the right one. Take the quiz and find out what tattoo awaits!

You need to choose a side in Westeros. Which House are you going to be a part of?

The Stark kids went through a heck of a lot over the series. Which one do you most relate to?

So who do you think should be sitting on the Iron Throne?

The Lannisters are a shifty lot, but they are pretty entertaining. Who's your favorite?

Humans make up most of the characters in "Game of Thrones" but not all of them. Which non-human is the coolest?

There are a lot of amazing places to live in the "Game of Thrones" world. Which one looks best to you?

No one has a very long lifespan in Westeros. Who do you miss the most?

There are more villains than you can shake a stick at on the show. Who's the best villain of the lot?

If you needed someone to have your back in combat, who would you want it to be?

Most characters get a decent amount of screen time on the show, but who do you feel is too underrated?

You can't fight for the Seven Kingdoms on an empty stomach. What food from the show sounds tastiest?

If you're eating you may as well have a drink. Which beverage sounds best?

If you need someone to get a job done for you, who's going to be the best no matter what the task?

There has been a heck of a lot of kings and queens around the world. Who's done the best job?

Who would you trust with your darkest secret?

You can't overlook the amount of killing that goes on in "Game of Thrones." Who does it best?

Not everyone in the world seems to be into playing the "game" part of "Game of Thrones." Which reluctant participant do you like the best?

For lack of a better word, some people are weasels. Which of these is the best of the sneaky little buggers?

Not a lot of people in the show come across as innocent, but a few of them do. Who's your favorite "good guy?"

What kind of tattoo is the most appealing to you?

Where do you want to get your tattoo, anyway?

Is there any other show you'd consider using as the inspiration for a tattoo?

Is there anyone from "Game of Thrones" you'd like to sit and have a coffee with in the real world?

What's the most terrifying thing in the entire world of "Game of Thrones?"

How much faith do you have that your favorite character is going to survive the entire series?

Which House do you wish would just go away already?

This is a loaded question but who is the most important person in the world, whether they know it or not?

Are you going to watch the "Game of Thrones" spinoff shows that HBO is making?

Say you were just an average, everyday peasant in the world. Where would you want to go to live to get away from the drama and war?

How many tattoos do you have right now?

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