Which Game of Thrones Guy Do You Belong With?

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Is any show as absolutely stunning to watch as "Game of Thrones?" It's incredible. Filmed all around the world from Canada to Ireland to Croatia to Spain, it's one of the most breathtaking shows on TV for the scenery alone. The special effects are incredible, the storylines are gut-wrenching and gripping, and the characters are people you just can't get enough of.

Whether it's a beloved character like Arya or a hated one like Cersei, you need to know what's happening with them every week. It's compelling drama is what it is. And, let's be honest, things get a little steamy now and then too. The show has more than its fair share of heroic dudes, too. Noble, brave and admirable or sinister, devious and underhanded. Sometimes a mix of both. There's a man for every taste in Westeros, and that means there's probably a man for you. You know, if you're interested.

If you've been watching week after week, season after season, no doubt you've been torn between characters at one time or another. Good people do bad things, bad people do good things, and characters grow and change in ways we never expected. You may not even be sure which guy is right for you. But we are! Take the quiz and see for yourself. 

If you were living in Westeros, which house would you be loyal to?

Who do you want watching your back if you're traveling across Westeros?

"Game of Thrones" has more villains than you can shake a stick at. Who sucked the most?

Pour out a drink for our fallen friends and family. Who do you wish had survived that isn't on the show anymore?

So who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne when it's all said and done?

What's the coolest non-human thing in "Game of Thrones?"

There are a lot of gods in the world of Westeros. Who would you be praying to?

There are some pretty cool looking places in the show. If you didn't have to worry about the undead, where would you live?

What kind of guy do you usually go for?

What's a fun first date activity if you're going out with someone you barely know?

Do you like a guy who can stand up for himself if he needs to?

Who is the smartest person in all of Westeros?

What group of dangerous people would you want to get to know better?

What's your go-to for meeting new people?

Do you enjoy being out in the country or the city more?

How important is a good sense of humor in the guy you're with?

Are you into monogamy or is an open relationship more your speed?

Are you more interested in someone who has a ton in common with you or do you feel like opposites attract?

How much do you value spontaneity?

In general, do you want a rule follower or a rule breaker?

Is it OK if the guy you're interested in turns out to be a little bit shady?

How far would you travel to be with someone you loved?

Nobody's perfect, apparently. Would you want to change your guy's bad habits?

Is it important that the person you're with be intelligent?

Is money an important factor when choosing to be with someone?

Does the guy you're interested in have to live up to any kind of "manly" stereotype?

Do you like a talkative guy?

When you're going out, who should pay?

Are you good at keeping deep, dark secrets?

Do you need your partner to be powerful and respected?

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