Which Game of Chance Should You Try?

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Step right up and place your bets! You don't get anywhere in life playing it safe. It's time for you to try a game of chance. But which one? Will it be bingo or something riskier?

Which casino game have you played the most?

Which suit in a deck of cards do you consider the luckiest?

Do you believe in good luck charms?

Which card game do you like the most?

Which number do you think is the luckiest?

Which number are you most likely to play in the lottery?

Who would you take to Las Vegas with you?

Would you eat something in your fridge that has passed the expiration date?

Do you take a lot of risks?

What job do you consider to be the most dangerous?

What kind of music do you listen to most often?

What Las Vegas casino would you like to visit?

Which Atlantic City hotel would you book a room in?

What is the riskiest thing you have done lately?

Do you have a good poker face?

What Las Vegas performer would you most like to see?

In what area of life do you have the most luck?

What would you do if you won $200 on a scratch-off ticket?

Do you believe in fate?

If you won a $100 million, what is the first thing you would do?

Which board game have you mastered?

How do you think you would survive being lost in the woods?

Why do you like to gamble?

Which actor would you like to play a game of poker with?

Which game of chance might you play online?

Are you a good loser?

Which thrill-seeking activity would you try?

Are you easy to scare?

Which classic video game did you like most growing up?

Do you have a good sense of intuition?

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