Which Fresh Meat Housemate are You?

Teresa M.

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You've been thrown into British University society and now you are a "Fresh Meat" housemate. It's off campus housing for you! Are you more like Josie or Kingsley?

Which of the "Fresh Meat" roommates would you most likely go on a date with?

Who is your favorite British musical group?

Which British city would you most like to visit?

Which classic book would you like to read?

Which liquor would you take to a house party?

Which British actress do you like most?

Which traditional British food would you like to try?

How would your group of friends describe you?

What college course would you enjoy most?

What would your parents think of your behavior at a party?

Would you every join a sorority or fraternity?

Do you think Kingsley and Josie make a good couple?

What kind of protest might you attend?

Are you a troublemaker?

What is your favorite British slang word?

What would you order with fish and chips?

Which "Fresh Meat" housemate do you think would make a good professor?

What kind of shoes would you wear to go clubbing?

What food would you serve to party guests?

Which housemate do you think makes a great love interest for J.P.?

What kind of beer would you order at a pub?

Which British film do you like most?

Which British actor do you like most?

Do you think the housemates will be friends after university?

Which American actress do you think should appear on "Fresh Meat?"

Which British television show have you watched most?

Which British chef would you like to cater your house party?

What do you like most about Vod?

How much of a party animal are you?

Which "Fresh Meat" housemate would you most like to have sex with?

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