Which Freaky Friday Character are You?

Teresa M.

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2003's "Freaky Friday" left audiences filled with laughter and with heartwarming feelings. If you were involved in a grand switcheroo like the characters in "Freaky Friday," who would you be?

Which celebrity would you like to switch bodies with for one day?

Would you like to switch lives with your parents for one day?

What is your favorite day of the week?

Which Lindsay Lohan film do you like most?

Which word would your friends use to sum up your personality?

Which job would you like to try for just one day?

Which Jamie Lee Curtis film have you seen more than once?

Which television mother/daughter duo do you like most?

Are you a lot like your mom?

Why do you think Stacey was so mean to Anna?

What instrument would you play in a rock band?

Which celebrity would you like to switch jobs with?

Which subject did you like most in school?

How did you deal with peer pressure?

Which occupation would you be best suited to try?

How would you punish a naughty teen?

Which sport did you like least in gym class?

Would you have the courage to sing at a wedding?

Who annoyed you the most when you were growing up?

If you could cast a spell like Pei-Pei's mom, which one would you choose?

If you played in a band, what kind of music would you make?

Which actor from 1976's version of "Freaky Friday" do you like most?

Which animated Disney film do you like most?

Which television show do you like most that had Lindsay Lohan as a guest star?

Which Lindsay Lohan song do you know best?

Who do you think should play Tess Coleman in another remake of "Freaky Friday?"

Which Disney remake do you like most?

Would you like to be a writer like Tess?

Which hair color do you think looks best on Lindsay Lohan?

What did you like most about Harry Coleman?

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