Which Footballer Should You Marry?

Zoe Samuel

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Football - known as soccer in the US - is one of the most popular sports ever created. Indeed, it's actually one of the oldest sports as well, being even older than jousting. There are accounts of football games going back as far as the year 217 (and that is not a typo!). The sport enjoys a marvelous advantage, which is that literally anyone can play it, be they rich or poor, healthy or barely mobile, old or young, talented or pretty darn useless on the pitch. 

You don't need much equipment or a specialized pitch. If you have a ball and an open space, you can get a game going. You can even handicap certain players by forbidding people over 18 to shoot at goal if there are players under age 8, or similar tactics.

Given the enormous pool of fans, it's hardly surprising that professional football is thus enormously popular. The World Cup is always the most-watched sporting event of its year, with a typical viewership of two billion. That means the top footballers are very famous, some within their countries of origin, others in the nations where they play, and still more all over the world - or at the least the football-playing world.

Which of them would you most like to be with? Whose style, team, and position on the pitch suits you? Let's find out!

How much do you like the spotlight?

How fast do you like to live?

Do you ever act out?

Do you mind being followed by the paparazzi?

How much do you like to travel?

Which country do you not mind living in?

How many languages do you speak?

How important is wealth to you?

Do you mind dealing with fans?

Do you mind if football players take dives?

How important are looks?

Do you want to settle down?

How much do you want your boo to be involved in raising your children?

Do you mind being second best?

How flashy do you want your lifestyle to be?

Is it important that your husband be intelligent?

How disciplined are you?

How fit are you?

Does anyone call your behavior a bit weird?

How sporty are you?

Do you mind if you have to move in the next few years?

How important is fair play?

How many children do you want?

How big a house do you want?

What kind of car do you want to drive?

Do you mind being beholden to a brand?

Do you want any level of anonymity?

Do you plan to turn your relationship into the basis of a career?

Would you be okay with an open relationship?

What gemstone will be in your engagement ring?

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