Which Final Fantasy character are you?

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If you haven't played at least one Final Fantasy game during your lifetime, then you're doing something wrong. Final Fantasy is a role-playing video game franchise that was first launched in 1987. Today, there are over 30 video games in the Final Fantasy world- each of them has their own characters that we've fallen in love with, which leaves us to wonder... which one are you? 

Are you Squall Leonhart? He is a pragmatic leader who always attends to his responsibilities. Or are you Cloud Strife? He is very independent and loves adventure. Although he is a hero, he does not like the attention that comes with it. He doesn't like rules but he is great at organizing his thoughts.  Maybe you're Aerith Gainsborough. She is warm and excited about everything. She isn't easily discouraged, nor is she one to stay down for a long time. Or maybe you're really Claire Farron. Claire, also known as Lightning, is very focused, a bit cold and determined. She seems more robot than human, but always gets the job done. 

If you want to know who you'd be in this fantasy game- whether you're a hero or a villain, a spirit or a mage, a human or a Moogle- take this quiz! You may be surprised by who you get. 

Which word best describes you?

What is your favorite final fantasy?

What is most important?

What is your favorite season?

Which element is your favorite?

What is your favorite gaming console?

On a scale of 1 to 4, where 1 is the least and 4 is the most, how confrontational are you?

Which superpower do you want?

Which city would you travel to?

What is your favorite type of candy?

Which anime is your favorite?

What kind of movie would you watch?

How would your friends describe you?

What color eyes do you prefer in your mate?

And what color hair would go with those eyes?

In what style would you wear your hair?

Which clothing option is your go-to?

How many belts do you usually wear?

In the game, what would you be a disciple of?

Which class would you want to be?

And what job would you want to have?

Where in the game would you make your home?

Which summon would you pick?

And which spell would you use?

In the game, your backstory would include being a former what?

What kind of weapon would you wield?

What would you call that weapon?

What special skill sounds the coolest to you?

What makes you stand out from other people like you?

Lastly, which of these quotes are you most likely to say?

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