Which female Lord of the Rings character are you?

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"The Lord of the Rings" is a trilogy written by J. R. R. Tolkien back in the day that was picked up to be made into movies directed by Peter Jackson. "The Fellowship of the Ring" broke records and was nominated for 13 Oscars, winning four of them. From the beautiful landscape to the characters, just about everything from the films was top class. 

When it came to the characters, we all fell for Frodo, Sam, Legolas and a few of us, even Gollum (Smeagol). There was no shortage of brute strength or charming Elven manners from the men, but what about the women? From Mrs. Proudfoot to Shelob the Spider, the females in "Lord of the Rings" did not let us down. So much so that we decided to make a quiz about it. Which LOTR leading lady do you think you'd be? 

Are you like Rosie - sweet, kind, and patient to a fault? What about Galadriel - mysterious, powerful, and beautiful? Would you be Eowyn - the woman trying to prove her worth to herself, her family, and others? Or are you Arwen - the fearless, selfless Princess of Rivendale? All these women brought different things to the plate, but which one are you most like? 

What does any good quest require?

Hey, here's the One Ring of Power. Do you want it?

What is love to you?

Where would you go on vacation?

What do you think of people who disagree with you?

How do you open the Doors of Durin?

If someone tells you NOT to touch an object, what do you do?

Field trip time — what's your likeliest role?

How would you describe your past?

If you lived in Middle-earth, what would concern you most?

Which Middle-earth animal would you adopt?

What's a common misconception people might have about you?

Which weapon would you rather wield?

Are you willing to accept a challenge?

Does Sauron scare you?

Are you tall or short?

Where would you rather live?

Would you help out a friend?

How would you fare in battle?

How smart are you?

When you sit down for a meal, what does it usually include?

Which sin are you most guilty of?

It's Saturday night, what are you doing?

How do you handle conflict?

You go to a feast and are offered a drink. What do you choose?

What do you prefer to do in the evening?

Where would you sleep if you were in danger?

Which race would you rather be?

How do you travel?

Who are you on a quest?

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