Which Fast Food Restaurant Is Your Spirit Animal?

Ian Fortey

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Where we like it or not, fast food restaurants and a part of our culture and our world. Fast food is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it's safe to say almost everyone partakes in a little bit of fast food now and then. There's no shame in that, and don't let anyone tell you different. If people didn't love fast food, there wouldn't be s much of it. And in moderation, it's not bad at all. Be proud of your french fries and chicken tenders. You earn the money to buy them; you should enjoy them. Be one with the fast food!

The thing about all this fast food in our world is that there is so much choice now, and it's such a part of who we are, it's really become a part of the landscape of modern times. One thousand years ago people may have connected with the trees and the rivers in the woods. Now we connect with Chick-Fil-A and onion rings. Have you ever wondered why one place might click more than another if they all serve burgers and fries? It's a spiritual thing! One of these fast food places has legit become your spirit animal, guiding and connecting you with the modern world. Want to know which one? Take the quiz, and we'll tell you!

Have you ever tried to recreate a fast food item in your own home?

No one can like everything. What do you think is the worst fast food restaurant in the world?

When you order some fast food, where do you go to eat it?

Which one of these sounds like the ideal vacation getaway to you?

Everyone likes to laugh. With that in mind, pick your favorite sitcom!

Would you consider yourself someone who likes adventure or not?

What's the most important factor in deciding on where you're going to order food from?

Do you like it when fast food places introduce menu items that sound a little crazy?

Have you ever sent food back at a fast food restaurant before?

What do you like the least about ordering food from a fast food place?

Do you ever go all out and order items of a restaurant's "secret menu?"

Is there any kind of fast food that you could never make as good at home?

What could a fast food place you've never gone to before do to entice you?

How often do you order different items from the menu at your favorite fast food place?

What's your all-time favorite dessert?

If you make plans with a group of friends for a Friday night, what are you going to be doing?

Sometimes you just need a stiff drink. What's your drink of choice?

Do you keep your house in order or are things a little bit chaotic in there?

DC Comics has some pretty gritty characters in their universe. Which DC hero are you relating to most?

Marvel Comics has been dominating the box office for years now. What Marvel character do you feel closest to?

How would you describe your success when it comes to finding love?

What would you say is your dream home?

Do you get along well with everyone where you work or not?

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do first?

You need to watch those fast food calories. What do you do to stay in shape?

Does the corporate culture of a fast food restaurant affect your desire to eat there?

What's something it seems like no fast food place sells that you wish they would?

Would you ever take a date to a fast food restaurant?

What's the ultimate fast food side dish?

Do you ever worry about your health when you eat fast food?

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