Which Fast Food Burger are you?

Teresa M.

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Sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a greasy burger! If you happened to be a fast food burger, which one would you be? Would you be a Whopper, a Big Mac, or something else?

What is your favorite burger topping?

How do you like your burger cooked?

Besides burgers, what would you put on the grill?

Which fast food joint do you think has the best fries?

What flavor milkshake do you like most?

Which condiment do you like most?

Which kind of fries do you prefer?

Which dessert would you order?

Which fast food restaurant do you think makes the best salads?

What cut of steak do you like most?

Which Subway sandwich would you be most likely to order?

What do you think goes best with bacon?

What kind of cheese do you prefer on your burgers?

What time of day do you usually get fast food?

Which fast food restaurant do you think serves the best breakfast food?

Do you like double burgers?

How much of a healthy eater are you?

What drink do you order with your burger most often?

Have you ever had a burger for breakfast?

Which word sums up your current mood?

What spice would you add to your burger patties at home?

Do you use the drive thru or do you go inside at the fast food restaurant?

Which burger would you like to duplicate at home?

How often do you eat fast food?

Which celebrity chef do you think would make the best burger?

Do you like veggie burgers?

Did you like Happy Meals when you were young?

Which kind of cookie do you like most?

Which celebrity do you think secretly eats a lot of fast food?

How do you work out most often?

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