Which Fantastic Four Character are You?

Brian Whitney

Image: The Movie DB

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The "Fantastic Four" first became famous through Marvel comics, and most of the reason why is how cool the Four actually are. Which of them are you most like?

How do you handle conflict?

How would you get into a sold out concert without a ticket?

What would you do when camping?

What are good at competing at?

Do people think you are smart?

How limber are you?

How logical are you?

Are you good at driving all sorts of vehicles?

Have you ever inherited a lot of money?

What kind of person do you get attracted to?

What would you do today if you could?

How rational are you?

How do you get out of doing work?

How calm are you?

What would you want your superpower to be?

Do you like fast cars?

Which "Fantastic Four" quote is your favorite?

Do you like to flirt?

What would happen if someone tried to shoot you in the chest with a bazooka?

Do you ever get depressed?

What would you do on an average Saturday afternoon?

Which person listed below do you look up to the most?

What subject were you good at in school?

What would you get at a fast food place?

Which comic book character would you not want to fight?

What type of superhero would freak you out the most?

Who would you hang out with most?

How would you handle it if your boss was hassling you?

How cool are you?

What would you like most about being a hero?

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