Which Famous Saturday Night Live Character Are You?

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Since first hitting the small screen in 1975, "Saturday Night Live" has become a late-night comedy institution. It's produced some of the most memorable comedic characters of all time, many of whom have gone on to star in their own successful (and not so successful — anyone remembers "Stuart Saves His Family?") feature films. And while some of the country's biggest celebrities have hosted SNL week after week, it's the show's wacky cast of recurring characters — from Wayne Campbell and Stefon Meyers to the Spartan Cheerleaders and the Target Lady —  that have kept us tuning in for more than four decades.

Sure, they’re hysterically funny, but perhaps another reason why we love these characters so much is that we can see a bit of ourselves in them. How many times have you headbanged to your favorite song while cruising in your car? Or felt overly enthusiastic about an item on your Target shopping list? And let's face it — we've probably all felt the need for more cowbell at least once or twice in our lives.

Are you ready to find out which "SNL" character is most aligned with your vibe? Answer all of the questions below, and we'll tell you. Live, from New York, it’s the "Saturday Night Live" personality quiz!

If you had to try out one of the following jobs for a day, which would it be?

Of the following options, where are you most likely to shop?

Which saying best describes your outlook on life?

Who's your favorite "Saturday Night Live" cast member?

Which of the following shows or movies are you most likely to watch on a sick day?

How would you describe your current circle of friends?

When you get nervous, what do you tend to do?

Which of the following songs do you like best?

Where are we most likely to find you on a Friday night?

When you're stressed out, how do you cope?

Which of the following descriptions best matches your sense of style?

When you hear that your local community center is holding auditions for an "American Idol" style talent show, what do you do?

Do you like to give your friends advice?

What's your ideal date-night scenario?

What do you like best about "Saturday Night Live?"

When you're craving something sweet, which of the following do you reach for first?

What's your preferred brand of humor?

Which extracurricular activity did you participate in during high school?

When you go to a party, which of the following scenarios do you typically find yourself in?

How do you like to drink your coffee?

Would you describe yourself as a morning person?

Which celebrity do you admire most?

Of the following types of people, which annoy you the most?

Which impromptu weekend activity excites you the most?

Who are you most likely to crush on?

It's time for a little exercise. What do you do?

Do you spend a lot of time putting on makeup and/or doing your hair in the morning?

If you won the lottery, what's the first splurge purchase you'd make?

If you could travel back in time to any of the following eras, which would it be?

When you daydream, what do you think about most often?

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