Which Famous Comedian Would Laugh at Your Jokes?

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While some people might not get your sense of humor, you know you are hilarious. Come on, you are one of the funniest people around. All you need is a microphone, a stage, an audience and a camera on you, and you are ready to slay as a standup comedian. Jokes? You've got a ton of them, and all of them are good, and your stage presence is the best, well at least you think it probably would be. 

If only you had a famous comedian that was on your side, someone that saw your set and thought it was hilarious, who would it be? Do you have the kind of mellow yet socially aware vibe that someone like Dave Chappelle would dig? Are you the kind of person that is more observational like Jerry Seinfeld? Or maybe you are sort of a prop comic, the kind of comedian that Carrot Top would think was the funniest thing ever. Actually lets scratch that last one, there is no way you want to be that kind of comedian; you are way funnier than that. Which comedian would think you were the funniest? Maybe between telling jokes you can take this quiz and find out.

Which word best describes your sense of humor?

How much of a feminist are you?

How regularly do you swear in your comedy?

How whiny is your voice?

Which fashion statement best fits your style?

How much are you trying to shock your audience?

How close to the edge do you push what is appropriate?

Which comedy movie do you like the most?

Which comedy TV show do you like the most?

Which standup comedy special is your favorite?

Do you laugh at your own jokes?

How likely are you to go off on multiple tangents?

Which current late night talk show host do you like the most?

Which network best fits your comedy style?

Which high school clique best fits you?

How would you describe your laugh?

Do you tell more one-liners or long stories?

Is your material more mundane or exceptional?

How anxious do you make the censors?

How well would you deal with a heckler?

How much touring would you like to do?

Which venue fits your style the best?

Which generation is your comedy most appealing to?

What time slot is your comedy show most likely going to be on?

Which parental rating would be given to your comedy special?

Which famous deceased comedian is most like you?

Which streaming service would most likely feature your standup special?

How many of your jokes take on racism?

How likely are you to take on sexism in your comedy routine?

Which role on "Saturday Night Live" fits you the best?

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