Which Emoji Reflects Your Soul?

Marie Hullett

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We send hundreds of emojis of a day without thinking twice about them. A crying emoji here; a laughing emoji there. In order to communicate emotions in an increasingly digital world, we must look to these handy symbols to make us a little bit more human. Whether you constantly send the see-no-evil monkey or adore the pink sparkly heart, though, there's another, more hidden emoji out there that speaks to your soul. 

According to some studies, the most commonly used emojis in the world include the crying-laughing face, the smiling face with heart eyes and the red heart. Still, the dancing twins, skull-and-crossbones and rose emoji souls of the world walk among you without you even realizing. Perhaps your best friend is a secret unicorn or your boss is a smirking face emoji. Maybe deep down, your mom is a cowboy hat face emoji. Who can know for sure? The only way to know with 100% confidence is to take the following quiz! 

So, which emoji reflects your soul? Is it the hair flip emoji or the thumbs up? The winking face with tongue or the slice of pizza? Answer the following questions to find out once and for all. Then, you'll have to encourage your mom to take the quiz to find out whether she's really a cowboy hat face. 

You just stumbled across some extra money. How will you spend it?

Do you hold grudges?

Which slang word are you most likely to use in conversation with your friends?

Time to check your feed. What are all your tweets or posts about?

Omg, your friends are talking about you behind your back. Don't worry, though—it's all good things. What are they saying?

Be honest. What does your inbox look like?

Your bedroom is definitely due for a makeover. Which Pantone color of the year will you paint your walls?

Which astrological sign do you always fall for?

Lunch time! Which drive-thru will you breeze through?

Which celebrity baby name earns your seal of approval?

Suddenly you find yourself in a beauty pageant à la "Miss Congeniality." What will you whip up for the talent portion?

What dream do you not want to wake up from?

It's not just any day. It's a holiday! So, what's your favorite one?

Which animal do you want to be reincarnated as?

Trick-or-treat, give me something good to eat. What iconic '90s candy was your Halloween favorite?

Which famous Chris is your favorite Chris?

What festival would you most want to attend?

What did your SIMs characters' lives look like?

Now's the time to highlight some notes. Which highlighter color is your go-to?

In another life, you're an Olympic athlete. Which summer sport do you compete in?

Where's your head at right now?

What do you watch on YouTube?

Someone just gave you a birthday balloon! What do you hope it is?

Which comedian do you most want to make you laugh while you enjoy bowls of ice cream on the couch?

Which "Queer Eye" star do you want to have help you become even more fabulous?

Which Disney villain most accurately represents your dark side?

Do you believe in magic?

What position do you sleep in?

You're on a blind date. Which pet peeve literally makes you get up and leave (or "go to the restroom" and never come back)?

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

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