Which Eeveelution Are You?

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About This Quiz

"Pokemon" has been around for what seems like forever (for about twenty-one years to be exact) and over those years, we've been introduced to some lovable and not-so-loveable Pokemon. One of those Pokemon happens to be Eevee. It looks like a mix between a dog and a fox and has a bushy tail. Eevee is a normal type starter Pokemon that has the ability to evolve into eight different Pokemon. Which one of Eevee's forms would you be?

Would you be Flareon? This version of Eevee comes about when the Pokemon is exposed to a Fire Stone. Are you Vaporeon? This is the water form of Eevee that evolves when the normal Pokemon is exposed to a - you guessed it - Water Stone. Or are you Jolteon? Jolteon is the electric version of Eevee that evolves when Eevee comes into contact with a Thunder Stone. Or maybe you're really Leafeon. Leafon is Eevee's grass version and evolves when Eevve levels up next to a Moss Rock. 

The Eeevee you are is determined by your personality and the things you like (and love). So if you love "Pokemon" and have a  thing for Eevee, you should definitely find out which Eeveelution you are. Go ahead and get started with this quiz! 

What's your favorite thing about Eevee?

Which of Eevee's moves do you like the most?

Which generation of Pokemon was the best?

Which of these Pokemon types is your favorite?

Which form of Eevee would you kill to have?

Which old-time Pokemon character was your favorite?

Which starter Pokemon would you have chosen?

In which town would you have started out your journey?

What's your plan for your Pokemon?

Who are you going on your Poke-journey with?

In your group, what would your role be?

Which Pokemon super power would you want for yourself?

If you were a Pokemon, where would you want to live?

Which evil Pokemon team do you dislike the most?

Which member of Team Rocket entertains you the most?

Someone challenges you to a match, what do you do?

Which Pokemon do you start the battle with?

And which one do you finish the match with?

What's your favorite stat is a Pokemon?

If you could not have Eeevee, which Pokemon would you have instead?

What do people usually think when they first meet you?

And what do they say when they've gotten to know you?

What's your worst quality?

Do you have many true friends?

Which of these things are you most passionate about?

Which of these is your favorite ice cream flavor?

What kind of movie are you most likely to be watching while eating this ice cream?

If you had to go away, to any country in the world, where would it be to?

What's your zodiac sign?

And lastly, what's your favorite element?

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