Which Earth Element Corresponds With Your Personality?

Talin Vartanian

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Take a look around you. The world is filled with beauty that stems from several types of Earth elements. These elements help to bring balance to our world, as well as harmony and peace with humans, animals and nature. Some of these elements also bring chaos and destruction to our planet, but this only occurs on rare occasions. Now you might be wondering, "What does all of this Earth stuff have to do with my personality?" Well don't worry, we're going to discuss this right now!

Human beings and natural elements are not all that different from each other. In fact, we're all part of this Earth, and that means that we must all share at least some similar traits. For example, if you have a calm personality coupled with a carefree and mellow spirit, then you're probably more grounded in nature. Or maybe, your personality is more mysterious with a mix of subtle behavior traits. 

While we won't reveal these types of Earth elements just yet, we assure you that all of these elements are an essential part of this world! If you're curious about where you stand in this beautiful world, take our elemental personality quiz now!

Are you a generally happy person or does your mood shift depending on how stressed out you feel?

Do you often meditate to become one with nature or does this sound like a cheesy thing to do?

When you become angry with someone, do you act in a more passive-aggressive, calm or an aggressive way?

Would you trade all of the wealth you have for all of the wisdom in the world?

Let's say that your personality is similar to a body of water. Which of the following would it represent the most?

Which of your personality traits would you like to be remembered for after you leave this Earth?

If life was like one big garden, what types of flowers would be growing on your path to success?

Think carefully now! Would it be more interesting to talk to your past self or your future self?

Do you feel a burst of confidence through makeup and/or fashionable clothes or does your confidence come from within?

Take a trip down memory lane with some old movies! Which of the following classic movie titles accurately describes your current life?

On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest), how high (or low) is your work ethic on a typical day?

Is it OK to be wrong sometimes or do you find yourself being right 100% of the time?

Everyone possesses a mix of both masculine and feminine traits. What % of these two categories do you currently possess?

Do you approach a challenge in life like a walk in the park or is it more like climbing Mount Everest?

Does bungee jumping sound like fun to you or is this actually a total nightmare in disguise?

Let's talk about your mind for a moment! Is it clouded with restless thoughts or is it as clear as a beautiful day outside?

Let's pretend that you have unlimited knowledge. Do you feel that this would be more of a blessing or a curse?

When you hear the phrase "working out," do you jump for joy or does your mind immediately fill with dread?

On the scale of easy to difficult, how hard is it for you to keep a dark secret from others?

Would you rather gain $100 extra per week or earn one extra day off for leisurely activities?

It's back to school season! If you could become an expert with one of these school subjects, which one would you pick?

When it comes to cleaning your home, do you find these types of tasks to be boring or more therapeutic?

Who do you identify with the most in the Super Mario games: a leader like Mario or a follower like Luigi?

Is it more beneficial to learn from your own mistakes in life or from the mistakes of other people?

If you lost at a competitive game of Monopoly with some friends, would you feel like a sore loser or more indifferent about the game?

When it comes to nailing a job interview, which of the following do you tend to focus on the most?

Is success equivalent to earning a large amount of money or does success mean something else to you?

Do you secretly judge other people by their appearance or is this the polar opposite of who you really are?

When it comes to your social circle, would you describe it as the size of a mansion or is it as small as a lawn chair?

When it comes to solving problems in life, is it better to solve them yourself or rely on other people for help?

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