Which dragon from How to Train Your Dragon are you?

Kennita Leon

About This Quiz

The lovable riders and dragons from Berk have been on the big screen for many years now, and we just can't seem to get enough of Toothless and the gang. Which of the dragons do you think is most like you?

Which of the following best describes your personality?

What is your worst personality trait?

Which of these words speaks to you the most?

How would your friends describe you?

In your group of friends, you are the….

What is the best thing that someone could say about you?

How popular are you?

At a party, you’re the one…

How would you get your crush to like you back?

There’s a huge group project at your workplace/school. You’re the one...

Which of these gemstones is your favorite?

What is your favorite element?

What’s your favorite food?

Which animal do you feel most connected to?

What’s your favorite color?

Which career do you think you’d be the best at?

What do you do in your free time?

Which phrase do you most agree with?

What would you do if your friend was being bullied?

Your town is in trouble - who would you save first?

What would you look for in a friend?

Where would you want to live as a dragon?

What would you use your dragon power for?

How big would you want to be as a dragon?

Which dragon class is your favorite?

Which of these qualities would you prefer to have as a dragon?

What's your flying style?

How would you prefer to attack others?

Which dragon power sounds the coolest?

Which kind of dragon seems the most badass to you?

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