Which Dr. Seuss Character are You?

By: Teresa M.

About This Quiz

Do you hear a Who or are you a Grinch? Dr. Seuss has been bringing smiles to the faces of child and adults alike since the late 30s. Which Dr. Seuss character are you? Find out!

What is your favorite holiday?

What would be your Dr. Seuss name?

Which children's story do you like most?

Which Dr. Seuss book do you like most?

Which Dr. Seuss animal is your spirit animal?

What snack might you feed Hornton?

What Dr. Seuss like name would you give to a town?

Where would you put a fish in a pinch?

What color stripes would you wear on your hat?

Who would you give Dr. Seuss books as a gift?

How would your friends describe you?

If you were going on a trip, how would you get there?

Where did you read your first Dr. Seuss book?

Other than Jim Carey, what actor would have made a good Grinch?

What word do you prefer to rhyme with time?

Which Dr. Seuss book do you think has the best illustrations?

Which children's author do you prefer?

What Dr. Seuss book would you like to see made into a film?

What was the name of the first Dr. Seuss book you owned?

How many Dr. Seuss books do you own?

What would you eat with green eggs?

Who would go with you to see a Dr. Seuss film?

Which Dr. Seuss character would you like to see made into a real being?

Which Dr. Seuss book would you read to your child?

What modern author do you think Dr. Seuss would like most?

What time of day do you read most?

What adult author do you think should write a children's book?

What Dr. Seuss character makes you smile most?

If the Grinch were not green, what color do you think he would be?

What do you not like anywhere?

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