Which Donnie Darko Character are You?

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If you were one of the characters from the dark and brilliant, Sci-Fi masterpiece known as "Donnie Darko," which of the strange characters would you be? Find out!

Which one of Jake Gyllenhaal's films would you watch over and over again?

How did you feel about the ending of "Donnie Darko?"

What do you find creepiest about the Frank the rabbit?

Have you ever seen into the future?

Which "Donnie Darko" actress do you know the most about?

If you could time travel, which time period would you visit?

What is your favorite time travel film?

Which Nostradamus prediction do you find most accurate?

Who would you tell if you were having random hallucinations?

How did you feel with Donnie shot Frank Anderson?

Which subject did your favorite teacher teach?

Which Drew Barrymore film do you like most?

Which song from the "Donnie Darko" soundtrack do you know the best?

Which fictional character would you like to see Maggie Gyllenhaal play?

Which high school based movie do you like most?

What did you like most about Eddie Darko?

What did you like the least about high school?

Which would you use to describe "Donnie Darko" as a whole?

Which stereotypical high school group were you in?

If you wanted to know the future, who would you visit?

Which award nomination do you think "Donnie Darko" deserved the most?

How many times have you watched "Donnie Darko?"

Which "Watership Down" rabbit do you like most?

Who would you like to see play Donnie Darko in a remake?

Are you parents like Eddie and Rose Darko?

Which classic film do you think Jake Gyllenhaal should modernize?

What do you miss most about being a teenager?

If you built a time machine, what would you call it?

Did you think Donnie Darko was really mentally ill?

What would you do if you woke up to a giant talking rabbit at the foot of your bed?

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