Which Dog Breed Does Your Heart Wish For?

By: Heather Cahill
Image: moodboard / Cultura / Getty Images

About This Quiz

A dog can be one of the greatest friends a person can have in life. Although they can't talk, they sure can show you love in countless other ways. If you treat them well, they're bound to treat you even better in return. There is no better feeling than having a loyal friend by your side! But which furry friend would be the perfect choice for you?

You can do almost anything with your dog! You can go for walks to dog parks or have a picnic. You could even take an obedience class and meet lots of other pups as well! A dog can make your life that much more fun and enjoyable. They'll also leave a lasting impact on you and those around you that you'll all remember forever. Whether you're a fan of small dogs, medium, or large dogs, you'll always be able to find a breed that is right for you. Some are easier to care for than others, but getting a dog is always a big responsibility! Think you're prepared for your perfect pooch?

If you're ready to find out what breed is the perfect match for you, then take the quiz to see your results!

How would you describe your style?

What do others say is the best thing about you?

Which genre of music is your favorite?

Time to think of your favorite time of year. What season do you love?

Are you at home a lot?

If you had any pet other than a dog, what would it be?

What is one thing on your bucket list?

There are many beautiful places throughout the world to visit. What is one landmark you want to visit in your life?

Which of these sports are your favorite?

Where would your ideal house be located out of the following?

What type of friends do you surround yourself with?

How often do you go out?

What era of movies do you like best?

What does a typical night out look like for you?

Do you consider yourself to be outdoorsy?

Which Greek Goddess is your favorite?

Pastimes are great to have. What is your favorite activity?

Are you active?

Of the following, what makes you proud of yourself?

Which country would you be most interested in traveling to?

You're out of supplies! What do you have to go pick up?

Do you enjoy alone time?

Are you impulsive?

Of the following, what type of vehicle would you like to drive?

Which accessory would you wear?

How do you spend a night inside?

If a friend calls and asks you to go out, what do you say?

When do you usually book appointments?

How do you like to communicate?

Do you have a lot of free time?

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