Which Divergent Character Are You?

Kennita Leon

Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

In "Divergent," the world is based on factions and being divergent was thought to a bad thing, possibly something you could get killed over. Which of the characters from "Divergent" are you? Take the quiz to find out!

Which word best describes you?

How would your friends describe you?

Which of the seven deadly sins do you suffer from the most?

What kind of student were you?

Which class was your favorite?

In high school, which of these would you have been most interested in?

What’s your current relationship status?

What is the one thing you need from a partner?

Which of these breakfast foods do you eat most often?

Which dessert sounds the most appetizing?

Which of these job fields appeals to you the most?

How do you usually get around?

Which of these animals would be your spirit animal?

What do you value the most?

What are you most scared of?

How willing are you to face your fears?

Which of these would you use to fight your enemy?

Would you beat someone while they were down?

Which faction would you be born into?

Which faction would you want to join?

And which faction would completely destroy you?

Which of these activities would you be best at?

Which main character is your favorite?

Which supporting character would you want to be?

Which faction leader should have led all five groups?

In the actual series, what job do you think you’d have?

If the enemy forced you to kill one of these people, who would you choose?

If you were given the truth serum from Candor, what’s the biggest crime you would admit to?

Which of these quotes from the Divergent series speaks to you the most?

What matters the most to you?

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