Which Disney Villain is most like your Mother-in-law?

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Your mother-in-law is a master of evil. It doesn't matter what the rest of the family says, you know at any moment she may unleash a brand of horror only rivaled by Disney Villains. Find out which one so you can be prepared!

How much does your mother-in-law worry about money?

Does your mother-in-law like getting dressed up for halloween?

Was your mother-in-law a jock in high school?

Does your mother-in-law always compare you to others?

What would you miss about your mother-in-law if she passed?

Is your mother-in-law good with her hands?

Does your mother-in-law have a bad view of men?

What is your mother-in-law's favorite thing to eat?

What does your mother-in-law like to do most?

What did your mother-in-law do if she forgot their key?

Does your mother-in-law like to cook?

Is your mother-in-law into shoes?

What would be a good job for your mother-in-law?

Where would you two go on vacation?

Where would your mother-in-law go on a date?

What do you like least about your mother-in-law ?

Does your mother-in-law fixate on things you have done wrong in the past?

What was your mother-in-law's dream house?

What is her style?

How good-looking is your mother-in-law?

Would your mother-in-law try to get revenge on people?

How long could your mother-in-law survive in the woods?

Is your exmother-in-law a bad apple?

What does your mother-in-law do for exercise?

What does your mother-in-law want more of?

What does your mother-in-law hate most?

What would be the worst job for your mother-in-law?

How often does your ex lie?

Does your mother-in-law have many friends?

What would your mother-in-law be doing at a party?

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