Which Disney Princess should be Your Maid of Honor?

By: Artimis Charvet
Image: The Movie DB

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The maid of honor plays a crucial role in any wedding, so obviously, your maid of honor should be a Disney Princess. The real question is though, which one should stand beside you as your profess your love to the world? Take our quiz to find out!

The bride getting ready to throw her bouquet at the wedding, what do you do?

What kind of flowers would you like in your bouquet?

What kind of chairs will your guest sit in?

What kind of bachelorette party would you prefer?

What kind of shoes do you expect to walk down the isle in?

What would be your "something blue?"

What would be your "something borrowed?"

What would be your "something new?"

What would be your "something old?"

What kind of invitations do you envision?

What kind of food do you imagine serving at your wedding reception?

What kind of music do you expect to have played at your wedding reception?

Which day of the week would you prefer to get married?

Can you see yourself in need of a wedding planner?

Which of the following colors would you prefer to have at your wedding?

Which kind of engagement ring would you prefer?

Which season would you rather get married in?

What is one thing you will not be having at your wedding?

Which cocktail would you serve at your wedding?

What type of dress do you see yourself wearing?

What type of attire do you see your spouse wearing?

How many guests do you think you will invite to your wedding?

Where do you and your friends like to get together?

How important is money in a marriage?

Which gem would you like your engagement ring to be?

Which TV couple best describes you and your significant other?

What's the most important thing to you?

What kind of necklace will you wear on the big day?

How will you wear your hair on the big day?

Where would you like to honeymoon?

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